Vancouver Urban Agriculture

Food and shelter – two basic life necessities, both with conventionally enormous carbon footprints.  We are continually striving to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings, but what about our food?  Organic farms… Continue reading

Prefab Whistler Passive House celebrates “Firstfeier”

After about nine months of careful planning and preparation, the moment of truth arrived last week for the Whistler Passive House.  The questions on everyone’s mind:  Will the Prefab wall, roof and floor… Continue reading

Passive House: An Intro

With topics such as peak oil and fossil fuel dependency a continually growing concern, we are working to bring a new direction to the building industry in North America.  The current typical building… Continue reading


The team at Marken Projects Inc. is excited to share our stories and experiences as we work to implement progressive green building strategies on the Canadian West Coast.