UPDATE: A list of Passive House suitable windows available in Canada & USA – by Marken Design + Consulting

Seven years ago we started designing high performance homes in Canada including to standards such as Net Zero and Passive House. One of the biggest obstacles back then was the lack of high quality, energy efficient products we could use for those projects. Nowadays there is quite a good selection of products available in different price segments, both in the US and Canada, which are suitable for high performance building projects, including windows and doors.

Given the recent and ongoing discussion about the lack for Passive House windows, we thought this list of  manufactures and dealers carrying windows that have been used (some of we have used) in ultra energy efficient projects including Passive House buildings (certified & non-certified one’s) in North America, can be useful for your next project.

Surrey Passive House Wood Window - Optiwin

Surrey Passive House Wood Window – Optiwin


Here is a selection in alphabetical order (from Europe/North America):

EUROPE: (check for different dealers in Canada and USA)

Aluproof Windows: www.aluprofusa.com/en/

Bieber Windows: http://bieberusa.com

Energate Windows: http://www.energate.com

Frako Skylights: http://www.fakro.com

Gaulhofer Windows: http://www.gaulhoferwindows.com ; www.cseurohaus.com

Heinzman Windows: http://www.europeanwindows.com

Internorm Windows: www.neufenster.com

Intus Windows: http://www.intuswindows.com

Kawneer Windows:  www.kawneer.com

Lamilux + others: www.foursevenfive.com/product-category/fenestration/

VETTA Windows: http://www.vettawindows.com/

MacroWin: http://www.makrowin.sk/en/produkty/drevohlinikove-okna/

Optiwin Windows: http://www.freisinger.at/home.html

Pazen Windows: http://www.enersign.com/home.html

Raiko Certain wall: http://www.raico.de/en/Products/THERM.php

Rekord Windows: http://www.rekord-fenster.com

Silber Windows: http://www.silberfenster.at/en/windows/

Sorpertaler Windows: http://www.sorpetalerusa.com

Schueco Windows: http://www.schueco.com/web/us

Unilux Windows: http://www.unilux.de/en/home.html

Zech Windows: http://www.zech.cc/en/mainfr.php4?m1id=24&m2id=123

Zola Windows: http://www.zolawindows.com

etc.…; contact us for additional window products or dealer contacts in your region:




Accurate Dorwin: http://www.accuratedorwin.com/windows

Alpen Windows: http://thinkalpen.com

Cascadia Windows: http://www.cascadiawindows.com

Casagrande Windows: http://www.casagrandewoodworks.com/windows.html

Duxton Windows: http://www.duxtonwindows.com

Dynamic Windows Canada (soon): contact us for details

Euroline Windows: http://www.euroline-windows.com

Fenstur Windows: www.FensturWindows.com

Fibertec Windows: http://www.fibertec.com

Hammer & Hand: http://hammerandhand.com 

Innotech Windows: http://www.innotech-windows.com

Klearwall Windows: http://klearwall.com/newsite/

Marvin Windows: http://www.marvin.com

Nanawall: http://www.nanawall.com/products

Northerm Windows: http://www.northerm.yk.ca

NZP Fenestration: http://en.nzpfenestration.com/

Paradigm Windows: http://www.paradigmwindows.com

Sage Glass (Glazing only): http://sageglass.com

Tiltco Windows: http://tiltcopassivehaus.com/Systems/passivehouse-systems-tiltco.html

Yaro Windows : http://www.yarowindows.com/

etc.…; contact us for additional window products or dealer contacts in your region: http://www.markendc.com

A few things to consider when selecting your windows:

  • Ensure that it meets the building code’s fenestration standards. If you are not sure, discuss with your municipalities’ planning/building permit department. We have done projects where the window was not certified but we were still able to use it – sometimes an alternative solutions report by your envelope engineer does the trick…..
  • If you are going for Passive House certification, check the window data with your certifier. Although the window does not have to be Passive House certified, the values need to be confirmed.
  • Energy Performance is only one criteria you should look at – material selection, window mechanism, warranty, architectural details, acoustic performance etc. are  as important. Have a look at a sample and the manufacturers /dealers support system before you decide.
  • Windows are expensive but probably the most important component of your house – choose wisely.
  • Check for financial incentives with your architect and Passive House consultant 

If you have any questions or would like us to add your window to the list, please do not hestitate to contact us www.markendc.com.


Rainbow Pasive House Whistler

Rainbow Passive House Whistler