Passive House gets character in Vancouver

Vancouver’s first Passive House renovation under the new character home retention bylaw is slated to start construction early next year.

Character Passive House Vancouver – Marken Design + Consulting

The existing 800 sqf. house was converted into a two storey duplex building with maintaining and restoring most of the original character features. It will use up to 90 per cent less energy for heating and cooling and up to 65% less energy overall than a standard house. As important as the traditional design and energy efficiency was the use of environmentally friendly materials and products including eco-batt insulation, non-VOC products, triple pane windows and advanced wood construction.

The City of Vancouver has recently approved a new zoning bylaw that includes incentives for the retention of character homes such as higher FSR ratios.

For this project the client decided to retain and renovate the original character portion of the home rather than demolishing it taking advantage of the new incentives which enabled him to convert a small house into a 2,400 sqf character duplex. Also, the dwelling will be designed to achieve the stringent Passive House standard.

Currently at building permit stage this project is scheduled to commence construction early next year.

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