Update: Canadian Passive House PLUS townhall in Valleyview is setting new energy efficiency standard

Currently under construction, the new townhall in Valleyview is slated to become the 1st Passive House PLUS office building in the world, setting a new standard for energy efficiency.

Valleyview Rendering( Med 2

Canadian Passive House Plus townhall in Valleyiew, Alberta

Equipped with a 78 panel and 28 Kw photovoltaic system, this building is aiming to produce as much energy as it uses throughout the year, making it also Net Zero Energy.

Canadian Passive House Insulated Concrete Forms

Canadian Passive House Insulated Concrete Forms

This ultra energy efficient ~ 8000 sqf and three storey building will be home to Valleyview’s municipal staff and council and is also designed to accommodate any future growth of the town with additional room for future workspaces on the lower level. It is built using a double stud wall system for the above ground structure and insulated concrete forms for the foundation below ground.


  • Exterior walls: R 58
  • Truss Roof: R 105
  • Foundation: R 54
  • Windows: R 8
  • Airtightness target: 0.6 ACH @50pa
  • Overheating: 0%

Our team is providing progressive Passive House Consulting services including PHPP Energy Modelling, envelope consulting and assisting with specifying & sourcing high performance building products such as mechanical equipment, windows/doors and insulation/sealing materials.

We will post more information and construction images as the project progress. Stay tuned….

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