Passive House and Vancouver’s updated Rezoning Policy

As of May 1 2017 Vancouver’s new green building rezoning policy came into effect. It outlines the TWO different paths to rezone a property within the City of Vancouver.

The international Passive House Standard is one option to go by.

Certified Passive House

Certified Passive House

Here is a brief summary of the options available – Requirements:

A. Meet Near Zero Emission Building  OR

B. Low Emissions Green Building


A. Projects shall be designed to meet the international Passive House standard and apply for certification, or meet an alternate near zero emission standard such as Living Building.

B. ALL of the following criteria must be met:

  • Achieve LEED Gold
  • A list of set Performance Details
  • Airtightness Limit
  • Energy System Sub-Metering
  • Limit of Refrigerant and Embodied Emissions
  • Verified Direct Ventilation
  • Low Emitting Materials
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Rainwater Management System
  • Resilient Drinking Water Access

The new Policy in detail: The policy in detail

Looking at the 2 options available for rezoning in Vancouver, it appears that the rather straight forward Passive House Standard is the more cost and time efficient route to go by –  also knowing that this standard is not too difficult to achieve in the moderate climate of BC, for an experienced Passive House team.

What are the ingredients for a successful Passive House Project:

  • An Architect with certified Passive House experience
  • An experienced Certified Passive House Consultant
  • An experienced Passive House Certifier
  • A Construction firm with High Performance/Passive House Building Experience

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