Canada’s 1st Passive House Townhall coming to Valleyview Alberta


Marken Consulting is excited to be part of the planning team working on developing the 1st certified Passive House Townhall in Canada, to be located in Valleyview, Alberta. Our team is providing progressive Passive House Consulting services including PHPP Energy Modelling, envelope consulting and assisting with specifying & sourcing high performance building products such as mechanical equipment, windows/doors and insulation/sealing materials.


Passive House Townhall, Valleyview, Canada – Credit: Flechas Architecture

The Town of Valleyview, located in Northern Alberta, decided to make the Passive House standard the energy goal for this project as it fits well in with their overall asset management strategy.

The objectives related to sustainability are:

  • Minimize life cycle costs
  • Ultra energy efficient – conservation first
  • Maximize occupant comfort
  • Simple, low maintenance, durable design with minimalistic systems
  • Adaptable and flexible design
  • Net Zero ready building


This translated into the following specifications, among others:

  • Highly durable and low maintenance materials throughout (interior and exterior)
  • Passive House (PH) Certification (i.e. reduce heating cooling demand by 90% annually)
  • Simplified mechanical systems based off of air sour heat pumps that are modular based on interior layout; simple to maintain
  • Prewiring for photovoltaics
  • Free spanning roof system so interior spaces can be re-configured in the future
  • Advanced Wood construction
  • LED lighting
  • Energy monitoring at the circuit level
  • Natural lighting in most spaces
  • Etc.

Designed by Flechas Architecture, builder Scott Construction has scheduled construction to begin mid April 2017. Visit us again for updates and contact us for more info on this project.