Vancouver’s First Multifamily Passive Building receives Passive House Certification

Designed by Marken Design + Consulting, Vancouver’s first multifamily building to meet the International Passive House Standard has received the final nod from the International Passive House Institute making it one of the most energy efficient buildings in Canada.



Vancouver's 1st Multifamily Passive House Multifamily

Vancouver’s 1st Multifamily Passive House Multifamily


The three unit Duplex building was designed to use up to 90 per cent less energy for heating and cooling and up 65% on overall energy costs than a standard house. As important as energy efficiency was the use of environmentally friendly materials and products including eco-batt insulation, non-VOC products and advanced wood construction. Furthermore, this home is equipped with a Solar Photovoltaic set up to produce electricity in the future making it Net Zero Ready.

Certified Passive House

Certified Passive House

The City of Vancouver has a target to have all new construction carbon neutral by 2020. The Passive House standard was identified to have great potential helping the City achieve this goal. With the experience of over 30 Passive House projects we were able to design it at minimum added construction costs.

Multifamily Passive House Vancouver

The program included:

  • Certified Passive House Design
  • Traditional West Coast Design Theme
  • Open Layout with lot’s of Natural Light
  • Optimized Solar Gains for max. Comfort
  • Renewable Energy Production via PV System
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials and Products
  • Ultra Low Maintenance
  • Basement Suite Handicap accessible
  • Electric Car Charging Station

Estimated Design Performance:

  • Estimated Monthly Utility Bill: below $60.- per Unit
  • Estimated Annual Heating Bill: below ~ $ 120.- per Unit
  • Reduced Green House Gas Emissions compared to standard Building: ~98%
  • Maximum Comfort in Winter and Summer
  • Same Construction Costs as Vancouver Quality Constructed Custom Home


With the most completed Passive House projects in Canada, Marken Design + Consulting is one of North America’s leading Passive House design & consulting firms being involved in over 30 projects in Canada, United States and Europe  including the 1st residential Passive House in Canada certified by the German PassiveHouse Institute.

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