1st Certified Passive House PLUS in Canada to be built in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Passive House PLUS, Canada - Custom Residence and laneway house

Vancouver Passive House PLUS, Canada – Custom Passive House Residence and Laneway Home

Currently at building permit stage, Marken D+C has designed a west coast modern single family Passive House and Laneway House for a RS1 zoned property in East Vancouver.

With the new changes to RS1 zoned lots in Vancouver, property owners now have the opportunity to take advantage of the recently introduced Passive House incentives which include increased buiding height and FSR options.

For this project, our design team was able to maximize the buildig height achieving increased ceiling room and get a floor area exemption for the thicker and better insulated Passive House walls.

In additional, a 3.6Kw photovoltaic system will be installed to produce enough electricty to reduce the BC Hydro bill signiciantly aiming to achieve the new certfied Passive House PLUS standard; the first in North America.

The recently introduced Passive House related changes to the RS1 zone include:

  • Relaxed building height restriction, now up to 10.7 meters
  • Relaxed site coverage restriction
  • Relaxed rear yard depth
  • No Hot 2000 model or envelope engineer required – certified Passive House Consultant covers this scope
  • …please contact us for details

Vancouver promotes Passive House Standard

The City of Vancouver has a target to have all new construction carbon neutral by 2020. The Passive House standard was identified to have great potential helping the City achieve this goal. In support of high performance design and construction, the City has introduced and is working on implementing incentives and solutions to remove barriers:


The trend towards promoting more energy efficient buildings can be seen all over Canada, but especially in British Columbia. Next to Vancouver, other municipalities have started to or are working on offering incentives for energy efficient design and construction, in addition to efforts adding more stringent energy efficiency requirements to the BC Building Code.

If you are looking for an experienced custom home and Passive House designer/consultant, please contact us @ info@markendc.com or visit our website www.markendc.com.