Update: Passive House Incentives in Vancouver – New COV Green Buildings Rezoning Policies include Passive House

Vancouver includes International Passive House Standard in their bylaws

For those who have been working on bringing the Passive House design principles mainstream in Canada over the last couple of years, this development is quite satisfying:  As of June 2015, the City of Vancouver Rezoning Policies allow the International Passive House Standard to be used as an equivalent to LEED/ASHRAE to achieve and measure a high standard of building performance.

1st Vancouver Multifamily Passive House Building

1st Vancouver Multifamily Passive House Building

Policy Highlights:

  • NEW: Developers now have Rezoning Option:Passive House or LEED
  • Certified Passive House Designer/Consultant has to be engaged
  • Building needs to be pre-certified by one of the PHI approved building certifiers (there are 31 worldwide)
  • Confirm that professional is being engaged for blower door test
  • PH blower door test requirement MUST be met before drywall stage
  • RS1 zoned lots: Increased height and FSR options – no envelope engineer required

Here are the policy details: http://former.vancouver.ca/commsvcs/bylaws/BULLETIN/G002.pdf

Any questions? Need a certified Passive House Consultant and Engineering Team? Please contact us here.

Vancouver Passive House Days 2014

Vancouver Passive House Days 2014


Vancouver promotes Passive House Standard

The City of Vancouver has a target to have all new construction carbon neutral by 2020. The Passive House standard was identified to have great potential helping the City achieve this goal. In support of high performance design and construction, the City has introduced and is working on implementing incentives and solutions to remove barriers:


The trend towards promoting more energy efficient buildings can be seen all over Canada, but especially in British Columbia. Next to Vancouver, other municipalities have started to or are working on offering incentives for energy efficient design and construction, in addition to efforts adding more stringent energy efficiency requirements to the BC Building Code.

If you are interested in learning more about Passive House and/or certain incentives offered by your municipality,  please do not hesitate to contact us.

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