Passive and Low Energy Architecture for India – Marken Design + Consult presenting at the international PLEA conference in Ahmedabad

Founded in 1981, PLEA (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) organizes conferences and workshops, expert group meetings and consultancies scientific and technical publication and architectural competitions and exhibitions around the world.

This year’s 30th PLEA conference on December 16 – 18 will be held in Ahmedabad, India, with the goal to foster discussions about the opportunities and challenges in passive and low energy architecture in a rapidly growing world.

The local theme of this international conference speaks to the urgent need to reduce energy in new and existing buildings. Within this conference, we will deliberate on the choices we have and the choices we need to make in order to move towards a more sustainable habitat, especially for developing societies and emerging economies.

As a leader in Passive and Low Energy Design in North America, Marken D+C’s Ayme Sharma has been invited to present one of our recent groundbreaking projects, the Fort St John Certified Passive House, under the topic “Municipalities leading the way to a Low Energy Building Future” – challenges and opportunities.

Passive Design Architecture PLEA

Passive Design Architecture PLEA

One Solution: Passive and Low Energy Architecture

Energy consumption in the building sector is more than one-third of the national energy use in India, and with further growth in this sector, India faces a formidable challenge in reducing its dependence on fossil fuels, natural resources and energy supply infrastructure. Buildings and cities in other emerging economies are also being challenged by such context. The conference will propose a diverse range of topics to understand the role of architectural practice, research and education towards addressing the issues of energy conservation, efficiency and management through design, construction and operational stages of buildings, neighbourhoods and cities.

Affordable High Performance Design and Construction:

With construction almost complete, the Fort St. John Passive House will become the Northernmost certified Passive House in North America and the 2nd northernmost in the world. Led by the municipality of Fort St John a lot of effort and due diligence went into this “learning demonstration project” with the following objectives:

This Passive House project was perceived as an opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate to local builders that highly energy efficient homes can be built at comparable prices per finished square foot as homes built to current building code standards in Fort St. John
  • Demonstrate that building a home that consumes approximately 80-90% less heating and cooling energy than a typical code built house is possible in Fort St. John;
  • Demonstrate different building techniques and innovative technologies;
  • Build a net-zero energy ready building

Our presentation at the PLEA conference will focus on how to successfully pursue those objectives set by the municipality of Fort St John, the challenges and how this project can be a leading example for other communities to implement.

We are also thankful to highlight these high performance products used at this project which where imperative for the success of this Passive House:

OPTIWIN Windows       SIGA Tapes & Membranes       ROXUL Insulation


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