Strategies promoting energy efficient design & construction – two recent examples from Vancouver, BC and Kimberley, Kootenays

Vancouver: Home Efficiency Labelling | Kimberley: Energuide Rebate Program

Metro Vancouver is considering a campaign to develop a recognized label which will display the energy efficiency of a home – something that’s long required for every building and real estate listing in several European countries such as Austria.

Similar to looking closely at the fuel consumption of a car before buying it, the label would bring awareness on how energy efficient your future home is – this will certainly be a deciding factor for homebuyers.

Building Energy Efficiency Label "Energieausweis" Austria

Building Energy Efficiency Label “Energieausweis” Austria

It is intended to initially start as a voluntary program focusing on new homes, but could eventually extend to resale homes and become mandatory, says Eve Ho of the Metro’s air quality division. She could see up to 6,250 homes sign up per year giving the future homeowner a clear understanding of the monthly utility costs.

Buildings are one of the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Metro Vancouver, contributing to about one-third of all air emissions – the goal is to reduce green house gas emission by 33% in the next 6 years and by 80% till 2050.

We will watch closely where this initiative is going and keep you updated on this blog site. Stay tuned.


Another interesting initiative, similar to the Feebate for builder rebate being proposed for Vancouver, has now been implemented by the City of Kimberley and works basically as follows:

The more energy efficient a home is designed and constructed based on it’s final Energuide Rating, the higher the fee rebate for the builder.

For example, our home designs usually achieve a min. Energuide Rating of 88+, which will qualify for a 60% refund of the building permit fees paid. Not bad. This program is intended to encourage designers, builders and renovators to employ energy efficient techniques and build with materials/products that will reduce the energy demand associated with heating and cooling.

Energuide 88 - Vancouver Island Passive House

Energuide 88 – Vancouver Island Passive House – Marken Projects Design Studio

Eligible for the rebate are all new construction including residential and commercial plus renovations with building permits issued after January 1 2014. This could be a simple but efficient initiative for other municipalities to follow and include in their green building program.

If you would like to learn more on these incentive programs or if you are looking for professional assistance with your energy efficient project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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