Vancouver’s Most Energy Efficient Infill Home Starts Construction – A Passive Design Story

Planned along Passive Design Principles to achieve affordable High Performance

With the recent changes to the Vancouver building bylaw mandating new single & two family home construction to achieve a more stringent energy standard amongst other new requirements, we are getting asked how these new standards can be achieved most cost efficiently? Short Answer: Plan along Passive Design Principles, apply best practises & use advanced construction techniques. Unfortunately, many still have’t read the Passive Design Tool Kid released back in 2009 by the City of Vancouver outlining the basics of how to design an energy efficient, comfortable and healthy building for the same costs as a quality constructed building.

Casa Pasiva Infill Home Vancouver

Casa Pasiva Infill Home Vancouver

For our “Casa Pasiva” infill projects, from the outset the homeowner’s goal has been to build a highly energy-efficient, durable and future-proof green home that demonstrates progressive, affordable design and construction. Due to its optimized insulation and ultra air tightness, advanced construction techniques and orientation for solar gain, this home is able to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year round with very little or no active heating/cooling.

As with every design project, our team utilizes the PHPP Energy Modelling as an integrated design tool as part of the architectural programs and tools ensuring that the performance goal set out can be achieved AND in the most cost efficient manner.

Credit: Shrinkthatfoorprint - Passive House Infographic

Credit: Shrinkthatfoorprint – Passive House Infographic

Fast Facts:

– Design Energy Consumption Heating/Cooling: 27 Kwh/(m2 yr)

– Design Specific Building Energy Demand: 126 Kwh/(m2 yr)

– Design Airtightness: 0.6 ACH

– Design Energuide Rating: 89 (Without Renewable Energy Sources)

– Eco Batt Insulation

– Drainwater Heat Recovery

– Heat Pump Hot Water Production

– High Efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilation System @ 92% with MERV 12 filter 

Triple Pane Wood Windows

– Non-VOC Materials

– Passive House Design Principles – PHPP Energy Modelling

– Superior Thermal Comfort – No Noise Pollution – Clean Air indoors = Added Value

Passive House Foundation

Passive House Foundation

Last weekend, neighbours, family and friends gathered for the foundation pouring event placing good luck gifts such as coins and photos “reinforcing ” the foundation.

Rice for good luck...

Foundation Casa Pasiva

Foundation Casa Pasiva

Construction is underway and making swift progress. You can follow the construction progress – please visit the project’s blog at CasaPasiva and sign up for frequent updates.

We will also hold several Open Houses throughout construction – please email us if you would like to receive the dates:

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