Passive Design: Transforming a 50’s bungalow into an energy efficient, healthy home

Improving the existing building stock as the greenest way to build

Demolish and start fresh, or take the risk and renovate:  In this case, the client was committed to transform this  50’s bungalow (aKa “Vancouver Special”) with basement in the Commercial Drive area of Vancouver with a sound structure to build on into a durable, modern and energy efficient home.

50's Bungalow Before

50’s Bungalow Before

Green Renovation - Now

Green, Energy Efficient Home – Now

The existing basement was kept with only some improvements. We have added a half storey maximizing the allowable living area (FSR) with the focus on improving the overall energy efficiency, using environmental friendly materials and ensuring a healthy indoor environment for this young family to enjoy. At the same time we gave it a new and exciting look.

Green Remodel

Green Remodel – Kitchen

Green Reno - Living

Green Reno – Living

For us, it is common sense to plan along the Passive Design principles, which essentially means optimizing solar gain, optimizing insulation, ensuring an airtight envelope, installing a high performance heat recovery insulation system and making the house as energy efficient as possible.

Green Reno - Custom Stairwell

Green Reno – Custom Stairwell

We are very happy for the family and congratulate them to their new, beautiful home.

All credits to team of Naikoon Construction who did a fab job on this project – more info on their work: Naikoon Construction

Please visit our website here for more info on this project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.