The Greenest Home – Superinsulated and Passive House Design – is the title of the newly released book by Julie Torres Moskovitz, designer of the 1st  certified Passive House in New York. It features 18 high efficiency homes from North America, Europe and Japan and we are honored to have our Rainbow Passive House Residence included.

Rainbow Pasive House Whistler

Rainbow Passive House Whistler

More importantly we are happy to hear that early reviews have been very positive – for example Samantha Macy @ Metropolis writes:

To satisfy our craving for eye candy the book is filled with glamour shots of homes. Yet, the book is more than just something to display on the coffee table. Moskovitz does an impressive job of exploring the hurdles that the architects had to face to accomplish their goals. Through floor plans as well as construction images, details about insulation techniques and efficiency stats. Moskovitz provides a detailed look at what it takes to make a home sustainable.

Read the complete review here.

The Greenest Home

The Greenest Home

And Belinda Lanks @ Fastcodesign says:

In The Greenest Home: Superinsulated and Passive House Design, a new book from Princeton Architectural Press, Julie Torres Moskovitz makes a convincing case for why it should become the standard for new residential construction, showcasing recent projects that marry hard-nosed Passive House techniques with gorgeous architecture. For those who worry that sustainability means sacrificing aesthetics, the book should be an assuring counterargument.

Read the complete review here.

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