Sirewall bringing Rammed Earth mainstream as high performance building system #RammedEarth #PassiveHouse #NetZero

Sirewall bringing Rammed Earth mainstream as High Performance Building System

by Alexander Maurer


Looking for a different and unique look for your home? And at the same time live healthy plus keeping the environmental footprint at a minimum: Rammed Earth might just be it. Going back to the ancient roots and changing the way how buildings are being constructed today and in the future was  Sirewall’s founder Meror Krayenhoff’s main goal when developing a high performing rammed earth system: high performing in terms of environment, energy, health and durability; certainly the aesthetics are as important when choosing to build a rammed earth dwelling.

Credit: Sirewall

How does it work?

Reusable forms are being filled with damp earth (a soil blend with 8-10 cement), reinforced with steel bars and compacted creating an extremely durable and strong structural wall with no need for maintenance (ref. Sirewall). To achieve the R-value, a rigid core is sandwiched within the rammed earth wall. The walls are finished “as is” – no siding, not paint and no drywall with services already installed in the wall.

In terms of performance, this gives you an insulation value from R29 upwards with excellent airtightness and sound thermal bridge free details (developed by Sirewall) suggesting this system as being most suitable for Passive House and Net Zero buildings. Thermal Mass, Indoor air quality and humidity balance are other key features.

Meror has started his “building with earth” endeavor about 20 years ago and has come a long way with numerous award winning projects in Canada and the US, both residential and commercial. Active worldwide, Sirewall has also a Rammed Earth Hotel project under way in New Delhi, India – the Mangar Hotel.

Mangar Hotel Project – Sirewall


Now that we have featured the leading rammed earth system out there, we want to introduce some actual Passive House and Zero Energy Rammed Earth project in our next upcoming blog post. Stay tuned.

If you are interested in learning more about using Rammed Earth for your upcoming building project, contact us and check out Sirewall Rammed Earth for more information.